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About ALCO-Safe (Pty) Ltd

Supplier of breath alcohol detectors and drug detection equipment in South Africa

ALCO-Safe (Pty) Ltd is the major supplier of quality electronic Breath Alcohol Detectors and Drug Detection equipment and accessories in South Africa. ALCO-Safe is the sole distributor for LION breathalysers for alcohol detection; and represents the range of Abbott Toxicology products for drug detection.

Large and diversified client base

ALCO-Safe (Pty) Ltd has, over many years assisted a large number of organizations both major and small.

Assistance given has ranged from the supply of equipment only, to the development of substance abuse programmes and their implementation on a national basis. Just some of the organizations assisted are: Autonet, Metrorail, Cargo Carriers, Engen, Shell, Iscor, Arcelor Mittal, Tongaat-Hulett, Sappi, major vehicle manufacturers and municipalities.

We have over 4000 clients, involved in substance abuse testing, spread over almost every aspect of the workplace. Our constant contact with this diverse client base has led us to observe that there is an ever increasing problem relating to drugs of abuse other than alcohol in the workplace and of course elsewhere. After receiving requests from many existing clients we took the decision in 2009 to become involved in the supply of drug testing products and related services. We are indeed fortunate to represent Abbott Toxicology as we are able to provide their large range of quality products and avail ourselves of their expertise when approached by our clients for assistance.

Having expertise in all drug testing methodologies enables Abbott toxicology to offer impartial, best fit solutions backed by unrivalled service and the highest levels of audited standards in the industry.

Drug and alcohol abuse is a growing problem in society. ALCO-Safe is committed to working with Government, Employers and the Public to help reduce the impact of the problem. ALCO-Safe aims to provide the solutions and support that best fit the client’s requirements. With this breadth and depth of resources and capabilities we can meet every customer requirement.

ALCO-Safe Highlights

  • 42 years of experience in manufacturing, distribution and support
  • Supplier of equipment and development of substance abuse programmes
  • Sole distributor for LION breathalysers
  • Representatives of Abbott Toxicology for drug detection equipment.
  • Abbott Toxiciology in brief:
    • 2 world-class laboratories
    • Over 10 million tests per year
    • Over 5,000 customers in 75 countries


Our promise to our customers:

ALCO-Safe will never sell cheap or below standard instrumentation.


ALCO-Safe are well known in the industry and will only supply instruments that give accurate and reliable results.


The instruments from ALCO-Safe will stand up in disciplinary and CCMA cases so long as they are supported by a valid substance abuse policy as well as legally acceptable testing procedures (both of which ALCO-Safe can assist you with).



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