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Lion Alcolmeter ® SD 400P
With printout facility

The complete SD 400 system includes the Alcometer 400, a portable printer and charger all housed in a secure hard carry case. The bag is designed in such a way that the printer prints out the vase and does not need to be removed for use or charging. This means that all the equipment is safe and secure whilst being used and less likely to get damaged.

Hundreds of satisfied customers across South Africa and other remote parts of Africa are making use of this instrument. The value of this instrument is in its durability and accuracy. We have SD 400’s operating in the field as accurately as the day they were bought more than 10 years after they were purchased.

The SD 400 comes in a protective pouch and carry case which contains a portable printer and charger making it easy to obtain immediate printed evidence wherever the test is conducted. It has the ability to operate using a cone for a pass or fail test as well as using mouth pieces when an exact blood alcohol concentration is required.

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